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Doha is the capital and economic powerhouse of Qatar; one of the richest countries in the world and an enthusiastic investor in tourism and real estate.

Almana Group
The Almana Group is one of the largest business houses in Qatar. Under its subsidiary, Al Mana Luxury Company, the group covers a diversified portfolio of industries from mass to luxury fashion, jewelry, automotive, real estate, restaurant, Media companies and others. Al Mana Luxury Company carries a large number of luxury and high end fashion brands, and is positioned as the unique carrier of the most prestigious international fashion houses.
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Qatar Luxury Group

Qatar Luxury Group is a Qatar-based company with its headquarters in Doha. The Group was created to build and foster luxury brands in the fashion, hospitality and lifestyle sectors for an international audience.

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Qatar Luxury
Qatar Luxury was established during the year 2010. (…) Rich knowledge accompanied by a great deal of familiarity and experience with respect to customer behavior alongside utter enthusiasm brought forth ideas for Qatar Luxury’s company slogan, hence “Be Luxurious”. Qatar Luxury’s philosophy in catering for the demands of a wide demographic is devised through the engagement of dedicated customer service-driven employees, supervisors, and managers that are customer-oriented. Through this philosophy, Qatar Luxury remains committed to employing the most dedicated customer-oriented staff in the entire watch and cosmetics industry, which our clients truly appreciate.
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Qatar - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Qatar, also known as the State of Qatar or locally Dawlat Qa?ar, is an Arab country, known officially as an emirate, in the Middle East, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeasterly coast of the much larger Arabian Peninsula. (…)
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Katara Hospitality
Katara Hospitality, previously known as Qatar National Hotels, is a hospitality owner, manager and developer, aiming to become one of the leading hospitality organisations in the world. Our journey has seen us grow steadily at home, then expand across the world, spreading our passion for impeccable standards of service and luxury to the Far East, Africa and throughout Europe. We partner with some of the world's finest hotel brands including The Ritz-Carlton, Sheraton, Raffles, Marriott, Mövenpick and The Bürgenstock Selection, while we are also developing our own, home-grown Merweb business hotel brand.
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Qatar Tourism Authority
Qatar is a place where people see things differently, where citizens embrace new ideas and welcome visitors as honored guests and dear friends.
Qatar is a bridge between tradition and global innovation. It’s a destination that attracts travelers visiting for leisure, business, medicine, sport and education, while preserving its authentic heritage and rich past.

The fundamental Qatari spirit is embodied in QTA’s seal, bringing worlds together: business combined with leisure, tradition with technology, and globalization meeting with a unique Qatari culture.
These elements combine to reinforce the idea that Qatar is vibrant, successful and progressive – a country shaped by an independent spirit, where anything is possible and everything is at your fingertips.

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The Pearl-Qatar
The Pearl-Qatar, A Riviera-style man-made island developed in an exclusive environment in Doha,Qatar and the Middle East's most glamorous address, covering 400 hectares of reclaimed land, is Qatar's first international urban development venture.
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Sailing in Doha, Qatar means enjoying the crystal clear gulf water along with watching spectacular views of the city in addition to enjoying Sailing. Sailing in Doha, Qatar is one of the main pleasures of the luxury lifestyle.

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