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Find out more about the culture and heritage of Northern Ireland. From Saint Patrick to the birthplace of the Titanic, from the Giant’s Causeway to the Mountains of Mourne and the Walled City of Derry, there are unique stories to tell.

Discover Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Tourist Board.
Inspirational locations, stunning landscapes and the friendliest of welcomes. Learn about our unique stories from Saint Patrick to Titanic Belfast, from the Giant’s Causeway to the Mountains of Mourne and the Walled City of Derry. Plan your trip here with great offers and activity ideas.

Luxury in Northern Ireland 

Luxury in Europe
The Old Continent is the cradle of the ancient world and its civilisations and is characterised by the interweaving of its different cultures over a small space of land. From the North Cape to Malta and from Ireland to Romania, Europe is distinctive for its sheer variety.

Compared with the wide-open spaces of America or Central Asia, Europe forms a complex confetti of countries. This, the smallest of all the five continents, is shared between 45 countries. Its diversity is a key asset. Its dynamic cultures, heritage and landscapes offer wonderful tourist opportunities. Northern Europe, in Germany, Scandinavia and the Benelux, is a place of rolling landscapes and modern, airy cities. Ireland and Great Britain boast lush green countryside and an inimitably ‘British’ style. Eastern Europe contributes Baroque cities and the poetic charm of its rivers, the most outstanding of which is the Danube. Mediterranean Europe, with its Greco-Roman, mediaeval and Renaissance remains, completes this picture of friendly harmony, framed by a sunny coastline.

Luxury in Republic of Ireland

The Emerald Isle sparkles in infinite shades of green. This land of steep mountains with strange rock formations, peat bogs covered with flowers, tranquil lakes and green meadows has been the inspiration for many passionate odes from its artists. Blending its Celtic and Christian roots, Irish culture is teeming with both elves and saints. (...)

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