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Malaysia is a modern country that blends complex cultural mixes with luxurious beaches and fast moving business sectors.
Malaysia is almost two countries in one, the peninsula offering a varied mix of cultures from Malay to India, colonial influences, a modern and cosmopolitan capital and fine beaches such as Lagkawi. Borneo is renowned for its rich and often unique wildlife, tropical rainforests and remote tribes, and it also offers fine beaches around Kota Kinabalu. Also on the island of Borneo to the south is the region of Sarawak, home to the Iban tribe with their famous longhouses.

Top 10 of Malaysia
The Top 10 of Malaysia is an English language magazine owned and published by RHA Media Sdn Bhd. The acronym ‘RHA’ is derived from the words, ‘Research House of Asia’. The magazine is all about celebrating beautiful stories of successful businesses, people, and inspiring lifestyles across the entire fabric of Malaysian life.
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Tourism Terengganu
Travel along the Terengganu coast and you will surely be awed by its impressive 244km long stretches of sandy coastline, traditional Malay coastal villages, domestic animals wandering in the fields and picturesque sunrise coming below the horizon. Swaying coconut and casuarinas trees lining the white sandy beaches, amidst the gentle breeze of the calm sea are just picture perfect. Beyond Terengganu’s impressive coastline lies some of the most popular island destinations in Malaysia.
Luxury in Malaysia 

Malaysia - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia. It consists of thirteen states and three federal territories and has a total landmass of 329,847 square kilometres (127,350 sq mi). It is separated by the South China Sea into two regions, Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo (also known as West and East Malaysia respectively). Land borders are shared with Thailand, Indonesia, and Brunei, and maritime borders exist with Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Peninsular Malaysia is connected to Singapore via a causeway and a bridge. The capital city is Kuala Lumpur, while Putrajaya is the seat of the federal government. (…)
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Luxury in Australia and The South Pacific
This continent is characterised by the vastness of its landscape and the seclusion of its tropical islands – Australian bush and Polynesian lagoons. That is the main attraction for visitors to this far-off territory.

Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Polynesia… The diversity of Oceania, a mixture of vast open spaces and tiny atolls, is what makes it what it is. Australia can be proud of its airy cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth…), its vineyards and its Pacific Coast, fringed by its magnificent Great Barrier Reef.

This country has the bush at its heart, symbolised by the legendary Ayers Rock. New Zealand, which is smaller, has many surprises on offer with unspoiled landscapes (Southern Alps, fjords, volcanoes) and an Anglo-Saxon culture with a Maori cultural heritage. The Pacific Islands are a paradise for relaxation. A tropical climate and lush vegetation against a backdrop of turquoise blue lagoons make Fiji and Tahiti (French Polynesia) the perfect location for a relaxing, sunny holiday.

Architecture & Interior Designers in Malaysia
“Luxury in architecture is not different from luxury in life. Luxury is having what makes you happy at home. Luxury are spaces that make you take a deep breath, that amaze you, that make you think, that you find unusual, that move you…” – Isay Weinfeld´s definition of luxury

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Golf in Malaysia

Asia's Best Golf Destination 2014
Malaysia, the vibrant land that offers a variety of golf experiences is akin to championship golf in sky-high mountains, along the shores of tropical beaches, in the heart of bustling cities or in millions-of-years old rainforest.

Promoted as the “hidden gem” of South East Asia, Malaysia has emerged as one of the finest golfing destinations in the region with more than 200+ championship courses, luxury services and unmatched luxury at Asian Spa’s Kota Kina Balu, the most commercial and industrial sector of Eastern Malaysia has extremely beautiful golf courses namely Borneo Golf and Country Club, Dalit Bay and Nexus Golf Course.

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