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Kenya is known for its wide open spaces, golden beaches and for offering some of Africa’s most dramatic wildlife viewing, including the annual migration of two million wildebeest into the Masai Mara.

Tamimi Kenya
Tamimi Kenya is founded upon a passion to share the charm of Africa. Our mission is to provide a unique and luxurious safari experience whilst upholding good environmental and conservation practices.
The Tamimi portfolio includes: Giraffe Manor, Sasaab, Sala’s Camp and Solio Lodge. We distinguish ourselves by offering exclusive opportunities to discover the culture and wildlife of Africa, from the perspective of comfort and luxury.

Luxury in Kenya 

Welcome to Magical Kenya
No other country on earth can offer the visitor as much to see and do. Within the borders of a single country, you will find savannahs rich with big game, timeless cultures unchanged by the modern world, pristine beaches and coral reef, equatorial forests and mighty snow-capped mountains, searing deserts and cool highland retreats and endless opportunities for adventure, discovery, relaxation; more than you would ever expect.

Luxury in Kenya 

Eco Tourism Kenya
Ecotourism Kenya promotes sustainable tourism practices within the tourism industry in Kenya. This entails encouraging the adoption of best practices in the use of tourism resources, working with local communities and managing wastes and emissions (…)
Luxury in Kenya 

Kenya Tourist Board - Magical Kenya
The Official Kenya Destination Website
Luxury in Kenya 

Kenya Tourism Video
Travel and tourism in Kenya. Discover the world's most magical places; go on safari in Kenya, the country where safari was born. See the Big Five close-by and witness the "Greatest Spectacle on Earth": the wilderbeest migration in the Masai Mara. Video brought to you by and Best Destination Travel TV channel of Travelindex Network.

Luxury in Kenya 

Luxury in Africa
Discover the culture and wildlife of Africa, from the perspective of comfort and luxury.

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