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Luxury Latin America is the premier source of information for the best Latin American Hotels and best luxury tours in Mexico, Central America, and South America.
This is the only luxury travel website dedicated to the Americas lying south of the Rio Grande, with articles on special travel tours and excursions that are a big step above the standard adventures. We filter out the noise and just present to you the best luxury vacation experiences and opportunities in these exciting travel destinations.

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Central America is the central geographic region of the Americas. It is the southernmost, isthmian portion of the North American continent, which connects with South America on the southeast. When considered part of the unified continental model, it is considered a subcontinent. Central America consists of the republics of Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Central America is part of the Mesoamerican biodiversity hotspot, which extends from Northern Guatemala through central Panama.
Luxury in Central America 


Luxury in Belize

The only English-speaking country in Central America, Belize is situated on the Caribbean Coast of northern Central America with neighboring countries Mexico and Guatemala. This truly unique paradise has garnered UNESCO World Heritage status for its barrier reef, the second-largest in the world. The tiny nation enjoys stunning landscapes of lush tropical rainforests, waterfalls and beaches plus exotic wildlife, breathtaking Mayan ruins and a rich culture made up of diverse ethnicities.

Luxury in Costa Rica

A nature-lover’s paradise, Costa Rica’s landscapes range from smouldering volcanoes, cloud forests and coffee plantations to pristine rainforests and beautiful beaches on the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. National parks and reserves protect more than a quarter of this small country’s territory and its incredible biodiversity, including thousands of plant varieties, numerous kinds of colourful butterflies and more than 800 bird species. The country’s relatively small size allows for easy explorations by road or using one of the domestic airlines that link the capital San José in the highlands to the often remote coastal areas. An abundance of unspoilt beaches backed by tropical jungle provides the opportunity of combining various activities with relaxation.

Luxury in El Salvador

El Salvador, the most densely-populated state on the mainland of the Americas, is a small and highly-industrialised country.

Luxury in Guatemala
Guatemala is the heart of the Mayan world. It is alive, magical, mystic, and ancestral. Its history proceeds from four thousand years ago when the Mayan civilization emerged and whose legacy is still evident in the traditions and culture of its habitants.
Guatemala possesses an extraordinary cultural and natural richness and a privileged geographic location. The distances one most travel from place to place are so short that one can visit different regions during the same trip. Between its past and present, it is a unique country, full of adventure and diverse activities for every visitor.

Luxury in Honduras
Honduras is placed in the heart of Central America, sharing borders with Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Tropical beaches can be found along Honduras' caribbean coast, whilst mountains populate the interior.
The lush rainforests, white sandy caribbean beaches and ancient Mayan ruins of Copan, along with the many rivers and waterfalls of the Pico Bonito National park are just a few of the many attractions Honduras has on offer.

Luxury in Nicaragua
Nicaragua is truly deserving of the poetic description as “The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes”. It is the heart of Central America, situated at the very center of the Americas –an ideal place to visit if you are looking for something truly different and defying. Nicaragua is neatly tucked between two oceans, where you can enjoy the natural beauty of dozens of volcanoes, rivers, and lakes.

Luxury in Panama
Panama is a destination rich in diversity - offering everything from the spectacular feat of engineering that is the Panama Canal, to deserted sun-soaked beaches around the Comarca de Kuna Yala, vibrant indigenous communities and the second largest rainforest in the Western Hemisphere.



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