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Renowned for its spectacular wilderness, abundant wildlife, cosmopolitan cities and diverse cultures, Canada stretches across 6 time zones and is the world’s second largest country. In a destination so large, the landscape varies from the breath-taking mountain panoramas of the Canadian Rockies to the ice covered wilderness around Churchill and the vineyards, farm land and maple forests of Canada’s east. Culture and history is also rich throughout Canada, including historic French settlements in Québec and indigenous communities throughout the country.

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Canada gives visitors huge rolling outback regions and clean, well organized modern cities set against the stunning beauty.

Luxury in Canada 

Luxury in North America
The United States and Canada are fascinating for their entrepreneurial spirit and bounteous countryside. From the major East Coast cities to the parks and mountains of the American West, there is always something new to see.

This constantly changing New World has much to offer its visitors. The dynamism of the United States and Canada can be seen in their big cities which vie with each other in terms of their architectural daring. Cities such as New-York, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles and San Francisco are all, in their skyscrapers and lifestyle, living testaments to America’s amazing initiative and resourcefulness. Each city offers the opportunity to discover the greatest museums, shows and attractions in the world. The continent has also managed to preserve superb unspoiled countryside. From the Everglades in Florida to the Grand Canyon in Colorado, from Yosemite National Park to Yellowstone National Park, not to mention the immense forests of Quebec and the Rocky Mountains, the United States and Canada have made every effort to protect those great open spaces which are intrinsic to the continent’s identity.

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The best bars and nightlife in Canada.

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Best Luxury Concierge Companies.

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Luxurious accommodations in Canada. All the establishments reflect the characteristics of the ultimate in luxury and sophistication.

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An extraordinary journey awaits you when you embark on a luxury train tour.

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A selection of the best restaurants in Canada

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A collection of luxurious spas in Canada each offering an authentic and luxurious setting to relax, replenish and rejuvenate mind, body and soul.

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«The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Consume with moderation»

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Highlights of some of the world's most desirable yachts available for luxury experiences in Canada.



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